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Looking ahead to its release, Warcraft suffered harsh criticism from environmental experts, who were later countered by fans, in one of those cases of debate between the two groups. Well, despite everything, is proving a success at the box office, Warcraft nationally and globally speaking.

And it is that after a week in the Spanish box office, has already raised 2.2 million euros, far exceeding the remaining tapes that are currently in theaters. According to the Ministry of Culture, its total collection is second only to films that take at least two weeks on the screen, so that will soon leave behind all its competitors in its second week.

Globally, its revenue rises to $ 168 million, having covered its budget of 160 million even before it is released in the US, its biggest asset in shooting the collection. Warcraft opens today, June 10 in US territory, so its second week will be undoubtedly the most powerful.

There was a date I had marked on my calendar for quite a few months. On June 3, 2016. You Duncan Jones will wonder what happened on June 3. Well, that day premiered in Spanish cinemas 'Warcraft'. I've played three games in the Warcraft saga and their respective expansions and have also been player of World of Warcraft for several years-yet done today I spend a few minutes week-, so the interest I have in the film comes from afar. Well, to be honest, all Blizzard Entertainment games interest me, either commented Warcraft, Diablo known or historical StarCraft. So whatever you do, I'll be there.

The film is an adaptation, more or less faithful, published in 1994 video game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. The premise is simple: the orcs are forced to leave their world and must therefore from a world inhabited by humans. They do not accept that another race appears out of nowhere for their land and with some belligerent air, so that the conflict between the two sides, the horde and alliance -what paint dwarfs all this start? Except deliver a weapon and discuss with elves, for a change, I do not see its weight in the trama-. The script has been written by two authors, one part for Charles Leavitt Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky ( 'In the Heart of the Sea') and the other for Duncan Jones the son of the late David Bowie, director of the excellent 'Moon'. The latter is also a director and has written part of the script of the film is surprising considering their limited professional experience and no relation to the Warcraft universe. Chris Metzen guess, one of the most influential developers in the Warcraft- saga and the other architects of this universe would have thought it was appropriate to give this project a director with little experience but ample capacity at the same time-and it is clear that Jones meets both requirements-. Where they have not been experienced when hiring a composer for the B.S.O .: long since hired Ramin Djawadi ( 'Game of Thrones') to produce the melodies that were to accompany each scene ago.

A paragraph back I said 'Warcraft' was a more or less faithful adaptation of the video game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and I rely on that there are obviated events and characters that are not displayed exactly as they were. For example, Blizzard Entertainment Blackhand -Puno Black in Spanish- is given the rank of great warrior but does not cause all the impression it should. The influence Gul'dan this character is much lower than it has on the game. Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel-the star of the 'Vikingos'- series) does not receive full consideration it should. It is found that is a great soldier but is not given component hero does provide the game. Medivh (Ben Foster), the Guardian, has been brought to the screen as a powerful wizard who already low hours and maximum time has expired -great influence the judgment of the writers and producers do not have the why. A Durotan, chief of the Frostwolf Clan, you will not recognize their actions and comes to seem an orc with many doubts and little presence and importance, not to mention the event that the writers invented last half of the film ...

In short, I think this is an interesting film, period. If you're a fan of World of Warcraft or simply Blizzard, I think the film will know little. It is logical and understandable raise expectations before perusing a movie like this-based on a video game and being one of the, a priori, grossing films of the year, since history is one of the best in the last 25 years if we stick to the world of video games-. On the other hand, seen the disaster that involves adapting a video game and take it to the movies, I think this movie exceeds the adjective "acceptable". Personally, I wait until the second installment to give a final score and say "effectively, is good."

The film WARCRAFT not yet released in the cinemas of the United States (now Puerto Rico), but it goes by establishing brands in the international box office.

In just two days, the adaptation of the famous video game Blizzard Entertainment managed revenues of $ 90 billion, surpassing the record hitherto belonged to Furious 7, also from Universal Pictures. This, after the film fantasy adventure director Duncan Jones (SOURCE CODE) premiered last Wednesday in the most populous country in the world with $ 46 million and as many rooms have seen a premiere in China. According to The Hollywood Reporter, initial estimates placed the tape between $ 120-150 million in its first three days, the number will undoubtedly be higher once they reach the official numbers.

In North America the story promises to be different, with estimates as low as $ 25 million in its first three days. Here, the film will have to compete with the sequel YOU SEE ME NOW and The Conjuring 2. In the rest of the international market, where the film had its premiere a few weeks earlier, it has raised $ WARCRAFT 75 million.

Synopsis: The peaceful kingdom of Azeroth is about to enter a war while their civilization is facing a fearsome race of invaders; orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize new one. When a portal that connects both worlds opens, an army facing destruction while the other possible extinction. Two heroes of both worlds must battle to decide the fate of their families, their people and their home. Thus begins a spectacular saga of power and sacrifice in that war has many faces and everyone has something to fight.